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Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists

Contact Details

Phone: 01926 935400

About Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists

Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists is a family owned, independent hearing care practice specialising in hearing tests and bespoke hearing solutions, including the latest hearing aids, tinnitus treatments, and ear wax removal.

Your hearing is unique and, at Alto, our expert hearing care professionals are able to take as much time as necessary to understand your hearing and recommend a personalised solution that completely fits your needs.

Book your appointment today and benefit from the years of expertise our specialists bring to every consultation.

Appointments are available quickly at our clinics in Lutterworth and Kenilworth, and if you do require hearing aids they can be provided within weeks and often much sooner.

Contact your local Alto clinic and discover how we can help with your hearing.

Client Testimonials

"First time at Alto, Lisa and Andrew were very accommodating and took time to make my daughter, who has special needs, feel at ease, highly recommend and will be returning.”

"The moment you walk through the door at Alto Hearing Kenilworth, you are greeted with a lovely smile & warmly welcomed which is so nice & comforting. Coffee & tea are offered to you while you wait to see the Audiologist. Leesa was the Audiologist I saw, she was amazing, she spoke very softly & clearly & went through everything step by step. Leesa made me feel very relaxed indeed. There was a lot of information to take on board but Leesa made it so easy to understand & nothing was too much trouble for her, she never rushed anything. Thank you Leesa for your patience. Adam the owner has put together a 30 day video which is amazing & covers everything you need to know about your hearing aids from the very start, excellent Adam, thank you. The staff work together as a very caring & professional team, they have so much pride in their work.”

"Great. As a first time user of this business I found them excellent. Welcoming from receptionist (including coffee) to consultant was first rate. Consultant was very thorough and went through my history before treatment (ear wax removal). If you need this kind of service I would definitely recommend this business. Five stars.”

"New customer for Alto in Kenilworth and my experience with both the company and the people is that they are amazing.

At 52, after an inner ear infection resulting in loss of hearing and tinnitus, I initially went to the NHS. Hearing test was performed and a follow up with an audiologist, both great appointments and diagnosis was hearing aids. I was getting close to the fitting of the NHS device, but after a lot of reading found that they are more for generic loss of hearing, and aftercare (trying to see someone if I had a problem) was very difficult.

I googled local businesses and found Alto. Appointment was quick and very easy to arrange. During the initial appointment, the tests performed by Alto were a lot more in-depth than I experienced in the NHS, and I learnt a lot more about my condition. They did not try to sell me their top packages, but one that was more aligned to my needs.

Getting hearing aids privately is both a long-term commitment and a financial one as well, and I had many questions post the session which I emailed in. Alto called me, and we spoke for about an hour around all different aspects of the device, how it works, comparing it to the NHS and what care I would receive. At no time did they disrespect the NHS process and were complimentary around the people.

I decided on Alto for several reasons. Aftercare, I wanted to ensure that if I had a problem I could see someone as soon as possible and have my issues resolved. Warranty, if they break then they get fixed. Peace of mind, so I did not have to worry.

I went with the Widex device, which is so small, and rechargeable. Fits behind the ear and can hardly be seen. I also had the Bluetooth dongle. The hearing aids pair with my phone, this takes priority and I hear the sound through the devices. The dongle I connect to my laptop as I work mostly on Teams, so again can hear the calls directly through my devices. This means I am less stressed in trying to hear people, and less focused on the tinnitus.

In summary, I made the right choice, Alto have been wonderful to work with and I can see myself as their customer for many years to come.”